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Serg Dort

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Efficient PR reviews

25 August, 2021

There are many articles written about why every software team should use PR reviews in their development process. Today I want to talk about…

Inserting Dynamic Height cells keeping Scroll position

25 June, 2021

We’ve been working on improvements for our Chat UI at Sphere lately and there was an interesting problem to solve and I could not find any…

Custom @Environment keys in SwiftUI

08 July, 2019

@Environment - is a property wrapper that allows any view access to global dependencies e.g Calendar, Locale, ColorScheme etc. But what if…

Power of Composition

01 September, 2018

Object Composition is one of the most important concepts in OOP, and it’s not surprising as it’s so natural as many real-world things are…

Component Based UITableView

08 August, 2018

UITableView and UICollectionView are one of the most commonly used classes to display data. But they require to write a lot of boilerplate…

Learn Rx by implementing Observable

06 June, 2017

From my perspective, there are several ways to learn new technology if you are a software developer: Read about it Play with it Hack or…

ViewModel in RxSwift world

11 June, 2016

According to the Microsoft Docs view model acts as an intermediary between the view and the model, and is responsible for handling the…